Medical & Technology Content Writer


About Me

The world is full of people who take up space – of click-bait which demands attention without giving much in return.

In place of this approach, the companies I work for are committed to providing value by responding to their audiences' needs generously and genuinely.

Regardless of your business, you need to find ways to communicate your value to your audience – this is where I come in. 

The right narrative “packaging” captures the value you already provide and distills it, crystal-clear, to convert customers without artifice or gimmicks. Providing information people care about promotes long-term engagement.

The world runs on words: the numbers make it clear that value-based, inbound content marketing quickly pays for itself.

But it's also a human truth. Storytelling is powerful - it’s what makes us human, which is why even the most sales-wary millennials still respond to good stories.

I specialize in crafting web content for high-tech, information-age companies interested in building sustainable, long-term relationships with their customers.

The content I create becomes the vehicle between your company's complex ideas and layperson audiences, building loyalty and domain presence while driving conversions.

My training as a writer and an anthropologist helps me mix quantitative market research with humanistic storytelling to effectively reach audiences in culturally-specific ways without sacrificing brand voice.

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