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Science, Tech and Healthcare Content Writing

Hello! My name’s Mariah.

I’m a healthcare and technology content writer.

I help high-tech medical, pharma, and tech businesses build their online authority, inform their audiences, and drive conversion with easy-to-read, research-based web content.

For all my clients, I work to write content that’s:

  • Effective: Content marketing is a creative business, but it works best when driven by both data and empathy. I invest heavily in researching the most effective methods of reaching consumers.

  • Accurate and Informative: I provide well-researched, factual information which gives your target audience new, actionable knowledge - AKA, real value.

  • Genuine: People can smell sales from a mile away. The world doesn't need more interruptive, irrelevant content. Instead, I believe marketing should focus on creating genuine connection - talking to people the way they want to be talked to. I optimize for search engines, but I write first for people.

  • Forward-Thinking: Doing what everyone else is already doing isn’t helpful. I work constantly to stay ahead of the curve with the most up-to-date technologies and approaches.

  • Reliable: I only take on projects I can commit to unreservedly.

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